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About Liberal Tears Vodka

As our back label describes, a small group of like-minded folks (actually 6 gentlemen) were assembled, along with many others, to celebrate the commencement of new leadership and direction for our Country. Every four years on January 20th at noon, since 1937, the Presidential Oath of Office is administered to a new man or woman, or an incumbent President, duly elected by our citizens, according to our Constitution and the laws of the land.

As the usual festivities continued, well into the evening, one member of our small group changed for the last time to a new spirit he wished to imbibe. As he hoisted the globe rocks glass etched with, appropriately, the USA, a query was made as to the type of distillation. With a proud smile, our friend answered “Liberal Tears”. This was the birth of what would become, almost three years later, our new vodka. It will be used and imbibed to commemorate this special time in our great Country’s history.

Our vodka will be enjoyed, responsibly, throughout 2020 and continuing into 2021 and beyond as we celebrate the uninterrupted success of our citizens and residents, led by a businessman. We will celebrate our successes with a toast to our good health and welfare, for everyone who applauds smaller government, fewer regulations, and lower taxes. This formula is akin to jet fuel to an economy and our American way of life.

Many of our residents will continue to moan, groan and cry (Liberal Tears) as the vast majority of us enjoy the fruits of our labor and hard work.

Thank you, 

Liberal Tears Vodka

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